Our Mission:

To increase public awareness about Sickle Cell Disease through education, and to provide support through medical research, accessible services, and intervention for suffering individuals, with an ultimate goal of enhancing the well-being of those affected by Sickle Cell Disease locally and globally.


Our Vision:

Hina Patel Foundations promotes positive outlook and lifestyle for greater well-being by equipping  patients with lifetime coping by increasing the knowledge and understanding of Sickle Cell Disease as a health problem through professional standards of administration, health care, public relations and fundraising.

  • Education and Awareness of this potentially fatal disease
  • Continued research efforts to help find a cure and treatment for this disease
  • Resources to doctors, nurses with experience in treating Sickle Cell Disease
  • Emergency assistance during pain and other crises related to this disease (ie. Transportation)
  • Disease management methodologies
  • Assistance with prescription co-payments
  • Free in-home delivery of prescription medications
  • Scholarships to attend college
  • Support groups and in-services to teachers, nurses, and parents (IEP and 504 plans)
  • Community information sessions for prevention and intervention strategies (ie. Genetic testing)
  • Recreational activities for children suffering from this disease (ie. Annual Camp Crescent Moon)
  • Moral Support (ie. Inspirational gift baskets)
  • Hope for longevity of life


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