India Screening Project 2012

Sickle-Cell Anemia is a major public health concern in India. Its diagnosis and management has remained inadequate, and national control programs do not exist in tribal populations. The basic facilities to manage the patients undergoing crises are usually absent. Also, systematic screening is not a common practice. For most individuals, the diagnosis is usually made when a patient presents with severe complications from Sickle Cell or often times the diagnosis isn’t made at all due to the fact that patient will die from the complications before testing can be performed. Simple, cheap, and very cost-effective medicines such as penicillin to prevent infections, folic acid to increase red blood cells, and once-weekly anti-malaria medications (Larium) are not affordable for most Sickle Cell patients in these tribal populations.

The knowledge, expertise, and financial aid in the management of Sickle Cell Disease which is available in technologically advanced countries must be shared with less developed countries where patients die at alarming rates.

The cost to screen a village is approximately $4,000 and to provide maintenance medication for an individual with Sickle Cell Disease is roughly $25 per year.

With your support and donations we can make a difference to work toward eliminating this disease by screening and educating the tribal regions of India.

Download Sickle Cell Project India PowerPoint in PDF format – click here.

Download the Sickle Cell Camp Results PDF for January 2012 – click here.


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