Avascular Necrosis (AVN) of femoral head is a common complication in sickle cell disease patients, occuring many times with bilateral hip involvement, causing disabling defomities. The necrosis is caused by reduced blood flow to the bone and occurs in 12-15% of sickle cell disease patients. Out of the one hundred and thirty-six patients who attended the camp, thirty-eight were referred to and examined by orthopedic surgeon and twenty-five of them were reported to have AVN. Among those diagnosed with AVN, fifteen patients were identified by the Orthopedic surgeon as candidates for hip replacement surgery. Dharampur State Hospital has agreed to provide Orthopedic surgeon and the operating facility provided the cost of the joint is covered by government grant or with help of donations from charitable organizations such as HPF. Results and reccomendations were discussed and explained in detail to the patients by HPF members and local counselors. Local agencies will follow up with pre-op requirements and HPF will help in soliciting funds for joints, if government grant is not available. One patient was referred to a gastroentrologist for gross enlarged spleen and arrangement made to follow up for surgery if recommended.



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