Welcome Baskets

Hello, my name is Christina Jackson. I am 29 years old, and I have sickle cell anemia.

When I was diagnosed at 18 months, the doctors thought that I had the flu – there simply wasn’t much information about sickle cell disease available at the time. Despite an increase in the amount of accessible information regarding sickle cell, many doctors and patients are still unaware of how the disease works. I want to put more information about sickle cell out there to help people like me.


To help create awareness and provide support, I would like to make baskets. They would be for parents who’ve just discovered their baby has sickle cell anemia or patients who’ve just been diagnosed with the disease. The baskets would include a water bottle, a pill organizer, a heating pad, a thermometer, a blanket, and socks. The baskets would also include a booklet explaining the different types of sickle cell disease. It would explain what the disease is, how to care for and treat sickle cell patients, and the importance of always taking your medication. The booklet would also include information about Hina Patel Foundation, the sickle cell support groups, and who it’s so important to connect with a local community to reduce stress and maintain optimism.

Creating awareness about sickle cell is my passion, and I know that these baskets will help us achieve that goal. Your financial contribution will make a difference. Each basket costs only $50.00 roughly the same amount as a dinner out. Together, we can let patients in Kern County know that there are support groups, great doctors, and a caring foundation focused on helping patients with sickle cell disease. Thank you in advance for your support!


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